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Motion graphics and animation

Elevate your brand's visual appeal with our dynamic motion graphics and animation services, creating engaging content that tells your story and captures your audience's attention.

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CandyMustache Agency - Vectary

Live-action video production

Bring your ideas to life through our professional live-action video production services, combining high-quality visuals with powerful storytelling to deliver impactful video content.

Video Marketing and advertising

Maximize your reach and drive results with our video marketing and advertising services, designed to create compelling ad campaigns that resonate with your target audience and achieve your goals.

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Graphic design
for animation

Enhance your animated content with our expert graphic design services, ensuring your visuals are eye-catching, on-brand, and optimized for seamless integration into your motion design projects.

Scriptwriting, voice over and sound design

Complete your video project with our comprehensive scriptwriting, voice over, and sound design services, providing the perfect narrative, tone, and audio elements to complement your visual content.

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CandyMustache Agency - Apostolos Roussas

Motion design consulting and training

Empower your team with our motion design consulting and training services, offering tailored guidance and expert insights to help you develop in-house motion design capabilities and optimize your projects.

Process Overview

Our streamlined motion design process ensures a seamless and efficient experience, delivering exceptional results tailored to your unique requirements. Here's an overview of the steps involved when working with us:

Consultation and Discovery

We start by understanding your brand, objectives, and desired outcomes. Through an initial consultation, we gather the necessary insights to develop a clear project vision and strategy.


Our creative team develops a unique concept for your motion design project, aligning with your brand identity and messaging while effectively conveying your story.


We create a visual roadmap of your project, using storyboards to outline the narrative, design elements, and transitions. This step helps ensure a cohesive and engaging final product.

Design and

Our talented designers and animators bring your project to life, combining captivating visuals, dynamic motion, and impeccable attention to detail to create a stunning and impactful video.

Feedback and

We value your input and collaborate closely with you throughout the process. We'll share drafts for your review and make any necessary revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final result.


Once the motion design project meets your expectations and our high-quality standards, we'll deliver the final video in your preferred format, ready for use across your marketing channels.

Our proven process guarantees an enjoyable experience and a finished product that effectively communicates your message while capturing the attention and imagination of your audience.

Portfolio Showcase

Explore our diverse range of motion design projects, showcasing our expertise and creativity across various industries. Discover how we've helped clients achieve their goals with captivating visuals
and engaging storytelling.

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Apostolos Roussas, the company's founder, is well-known for his animation and direction skills, as well as his ability to oversee each project and ensure the best possible outcome.
Apostolos roussas - Founder of Candymustache

CANDYMUSTACHE is a complete visual studio that provides you with motion design services


No matter what the project, we can offer you the motion design expertise and the creativity to create something memorable. From animated logos to animated video campaigns, our visual experts are ready to help you make an impression.


We love trends in motion design — it's our job! With a team of talented designers and motion artists behind us, we can work with you to create videos that not only impress your audience but also communicate the ideas you want to share.


Apostolos Roussas, the company's founder, is well-known for his animation and direction skills, as well as his ability to oversee each project and ensure the best possible outcome.

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